VT anything goes party

Mistress and I generally only go out dancing on the grid on Wednesdays (VT, with Purple as the DJ), Fridays (VT, with Miss Eve as the DJ) and alternate Saturdays (Raven Park, with Miss Eve as the DJ). The rest of the time we're either tinkering with builds, galloping around shops and events, trying on demos, actually shopping or just creating mayhem and generally having a good time.

Yesterday we made a small exception. While we did still do some build-tinkering and demo-trying, we saw a notice that Miss Eve would be playing a Monday set at VT and that it was on the ground. On the ground at VT means "anything goes" in terms of outfits (and especially lack of outfits) and behaviour (within reason, of course).

Mistress fancied a change of pace and seemed to like the idea of minimal clothing for dancing and.... who was I to disagree?

My initial suggestion for my outfit was that, perhaps, I could wear the new thing I'd got from R2 at the current C88. Mistress was all for that! However, I made the mistake of putting on the "bra" and "pants" (such that they are) first, to which Mistress said "that'll do, add shoes and your tattoo and you're done". After that she RLV-locked me so I couldn't change anything and that was me for the night.

(actually, that wasn't me for the night -- as the night went on she even force-removed what little I did have covering me)

While it was hard not to cam Mistress rather hard (she did look amazing and I was a little envious of her outfit) I did let my camera wander and photograph those around us. You can find the photos over on imgur.

As for when we got home.... when we logged out Mistress still had me locked down without clothing. So, this morning, I've logged in and have to go about Z&A business locked naked except for a pair of heels and some wrist cuffs, with no ability to dress or change until I next see Mistress.

This could be a fun day!

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