VT Lingerie Party

Yesterday afternoon Mistress and I headed over to VT's Friday dance, a lingerie party with Miss Eve DJing. Given the theme Mistress decided that it was time to take Toni out to a VT dance rather; while Antony in lingerie is never a bad thing (okay, fine, even I'll admit it's kind of nice!) there theme did seem to be the perfect one to take Toni out in public.

Mistress, of course, looked absolutely stunning.

With so much flesh and lace on display it was difficult not to cam around (with Mistress' permission, of course! In fact we were both camming around and comparing ever-growing shopping lists) and take photos. You can see all the photos over on imgur.

PS: In the last photo above you might notice a small addition to my outfit. Apparently being cheeky to your Mistress in public isn't the done thing and one attempt at being funny and clever resulted in her forcing the Z&A Chandelier Gag on me! It didn't even come off when we got home!

I even had to sleep in it and, as of the time of writing (the following morning), I'm still locked in it with little chance of seeing Mistress until late this evening.

I might have to be more careful what I say in future.

Might. ;)

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