Lack of concentration

I messed up last night. I made a mistake due to lack of concentration and getting used to a new way of doing things. More importantly I learnt a lesson, and Mistress was kind enough to help me deal with the annoyance I felt towards myself over making the mistake.

As mentioned a couple or so days back, I'm having a lot of fun exploring a new avatar, a new "version" of Antony. Mistress has been amazingly supportive, encouraging and helpful and she also seems to be getting a lot of delight from watching me explore this and being part of it.

One of the things with being Toni is, of course, that my collar doesn't really fit. Thankfully it can be put into "stealth mode" so it's still there, can still be used, but just isn't visible. When I'm Toni I have a simple choker that I wear that more or less lines up with the invisible collar and so has the leash make sense when needed.

At this point I should point out that I love the collar I wear and what it represents. Mistress and I purchased it together in the early days of out relationship and she customised it, placing her name on it. Since she placed it on me it's been off twice, I think; once for a particular outfit (before we'd discovered the "stealth" setting) and once for some sort of maintenance, the purpose of which I forget now.

I never hide my collar lightly and hate not seeing it around my (Antony's) neck.

So you can imagine my horror and annoyance with myself when I got home from last night's dance at VT and realised that, after changing from Toni to Antony to go to the dance, I'd failed to make it visible.

Quick as a flash, perhaps sensing how I was feeling, Mistress pulled out a Z&A Wooden Horse, grabbed me onto it, and pulled out a simple whip.

A short and sharp reminder followed, complete with clear instructions on how I was to never make this mistake again. Once done Mistress set a timer for 30 minutes of in-world time, retired to her bed and ordered me to log out.

So this morning I logged in to spend half an hour contemplating the mistake and resolving to always be more careful when changing from Toni back to Antony. The first job after doing so is to always unhide my collar.

I really can't thank Mistress enough. I really was annoyed and a little upset with myself that I'd made that mistake. Now it's dealt with and I can ensure I never get it wrong again.

Thank you Mistress. I love you. <3

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