VT weird dance (and a body swap)

Yesterday's dance at VT was themed "weird". It was simple really, wear something weird. This actually stumped Mistress and I. When you stop, step back and look at how we dress our avatars, by any "normal" standard (how else do you measure "weird" without there being "non-weird"?) we dress and act weird a lot of the time.

Eventually though an idea formed: rather than dress weird, as such, create a scene, something people will see, that is weird. The idea? Well, instead of Miss Anna and Antony going to the dance, how about Miss Anna and Anna going to the dance?

We managed to put this together in about an hour. Mistress' shape is her own creation so she could pass a copy to me. The skin was a L$1 item off the marketplace (not as nice as Mistress', but actually not bad overall). The Bax boots I already owned. The dress is a group gift from Hilly Haalan. A pair of similar-coloured eyes (Mistress' are brown, mine are normally blue) were also purchased for just L$1. The only real expense was the hair, which is a favourite of Mistress' at the moment and so I begged to be allowed to spend the L$250 it cost to top things off perfectly.

One little collar swap (it's very rare we unlock my collar, but it's sometimes worth it for the perfect outfit) and renamer fun later and we were all set to give people a case of the double-takes.

As usual, it wasn't all just photos of us. I uploaded a whole album over on imgur.

The whole effect, especially given that we used Mistress' dance HUD so we were sort of "mirror dancing", seemed to work really well. I have to admit too that wearing a female shape for a while was a very interesting experience and, I think, one we might explore a little more (albeit not with Mistress' shape -- that was a one-off for the laughs).

Before we went to bed Mistress unlocked the temporary collar and locked her collar back on me. This is how I woke up this morning:

One thing is for sure: her permanent collar for me doesn't quite fit her adorable shape, and if I do create a female shape to experiment with and try out from time to time I might need a second collar.

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