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It's well over a year, getting on for two, since I first put on a dress in Second Life. As I wrote at the time, it was something that was a little out of my comfort zone, but also something I was willing to do. In that time I've become more and more intrigued by that form of wardrobe expansion, to the point that "female clothing" forms a good part of my wardrobe and you'll likely find Antony in a dress or skirt 50% of the time.

In the past seven months that I've had the honour of calling Anna my Mistress and partner, I've explored this more and more. She's supported, encouraged, suggested and even, from time to time, ordered. It's been a wonderful and eye-opening experience. It's also been a little frustrating at times because there are so many items of female clothing I'd love to buy and wear but which are never going to fit me. Mostly, shopping for female clothing is a vicarious pleasure for me, accompanying Mistress on shopping trips, keeping an eye out for things she might like, offering my opinion on outfits when asked, etc.

And then, last week, the VT weird dance "body swap" happened. While vague talk of how it might be fun to create a "female Antony" had happened on and off in the past, this was my first real experience of wearing and dressing a female shape. It was so much fun. Of course, it was odd and silly because I was dressing up as a Mirror image of Mistress, but something clicked, with both of us.

The following day we had a semi-serious chat about the idea of me creating a female avatar (still as Antony, not an alt, just a different persona for Antony) which resulted in us both going "sod it, let's do this!" and marching off to Maitreya so I could buy a mesh body (because... why not!).

An hour or two of shape creation and fiddling later and I had a shape I was mostly happy with. It was a shape of my own creation, from scratch, with Mistress looking over my shoulder and offering helpful hints and suggestions when I got a little stuck. After trying a lot of skin demos I finally settled on what I think is just the right skin for me too.

The final result is this:

I say "final result", but it obviously isn't. This is, without a doubt, just the start of the journey. Toni (as we're calling her at the moment, I think it's stuck now) is my attempt at "if Antony was female". It's a female look that informs Antony's long-standing taste in female clothing for his male form. She will, without question, evolve more in shape and style. I've already created a couple of other outfits. One is using the Maitreya Vixen dress (from what I can see pretty much everyone who has the Lara body has this dress, because why the hell not!):

The other is a dress from Blueberry that was purchased at Mistress' insistence. I think I can see why she likes me in it:

We also had a bit of a female shopping trip yesterday, picking up lots of demos for me to try. Today is likely to be a big demo day and I imagine I'll be making more purchases and creating more outfits before the day is out.

I should stress though, Toni isn't taking over from Antony. Toni is an occasional look, a slightly different persona for Antony, someone to dip in and out of as the fancy takes me (or as the fancy takes Mistress too). Toni also means that I no longer have to shop vicariously; I can now shop alongside Mistress and enjoy it to the full.

Toni is also another new and unique journey with my Mistress, another way for us to grow together, and closer, and to learn more about each other. Thank you Mistress. <3

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