My own room for a night

I actually can't even remember the how and why this happened (mostly likely Mistress just fancied doing it -- I doubt I did something to cause it ;)), but this is how I said goodnight to Mistress last night:

Locked over night in the cell room in the new house (something I really must blog about some time soon as the cells were a custom build I did), minus any clothing. Oh, and cuffed on my knees too.

So, even when I get out this morning (there's a little bit of time left on the lock), all I can do is shuffle around on my knees. She's also removed my use of the map, mini-map, the ability to see names, far-touch (I can only touch things within 1.5m of me) and any ability to TP.

Oh, yes, and as a finishing touch before she went to sleep she added more metalwork...

Today will be an interesting day.


  1. The metal brings out the colour of your eyes. ;)

  2. I seem to remember you were being a dreadfully cheeky brat, and also earned yourself a slap of the Punishment Picker (when you manage to shuffle to my office).

    1. Gah! And when the cell opened I shuffled down to the ground floor. That's two flights of stairs I have to try and get back up!