Staked out on the last day of the hunt

It should be fairly obvious from posts I've made here, and from posts on her blog, that Anna and I are fairly flexible in our "roles" in our relationship. Mostly she's in charge (SL and RL) but very often things do switch around. As part of the fun of this we've both set up Punishment Pickers in our respective offices in our house. Neither of us fully knows what's in them, and the contain a mixture of SL and RL tasks. It should be fun.

On the last day of The Femdom Hunt I got to test out the one in Mistress' office. It resulted in..... this:

I got to spend about an hour and a half, staked out not far from my shop, and left to get on with some blogging and other end-of-hunt jobs, while Mistress went and did some RL business.

Of course, given the flexible nature of our D/s relationship, there will possibly be revenge at some point. ;)

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