A little surprise

For various reasons, just before we went to log off last night, Mistress informed me that I'd be sleeping on the floor, cuffed and hogtied. She also informed me that I'd be staying that way until she next saw me. No timer. And so that's how we said goodnight, her tucked up in her bed, me squirming on the floor.

I popped in-world this morning to deal with a couple of things and, in doing so, decided that I'd wriggle my way downstairs. This didn't work too well. This was the moment that I found that, unknown to me, Mistress had left me an extra little surprise.

She'd leashed me to the rug using the SubHUD! While I can obviously get on with most business that doesn't involve me being somewhere else (which is normally the case during the day -- I do have many RL duties after all) I am stuck in the bedroom, unable to leave, having to stick to the spot that Mistress tied me up on last night.

Until I next see her.

Assuming she decides to even untie me then.

Thank you Mistress. <3


  1. I can't think of a good reason to ever let you leave the bedroom. ;)

    1. Curiously, Mistress, I'm not hating that fact.