New (liquid mesh) jeans

I've been on the lookout for some nice mesh jeans for a while now so when Miss Eve pointed me in the direction of a pair of liquid mesh jeans from Redgrave I had to have a look. I was pretty skeptical about them fitting well. I find a lot of mesh just doesn't work with my general shape, even if I do modify it to fit. I find I either look out of proportion or I just don't look like me.

Not so with these. The demo went on well and fitted almost perfectly around the waist. The top of the back was lost in my back a little but this was fixed by making a tweaked shape (funnily the fix was to make my backside a little bigger so as to pull the top out of my back).

I'm really pleased with the end result.

You get a lot of jeans for the price too.

I did try a shirt of theirs (also liquid mesh) to go with the jeans but that didn't work so well. Not for me anyway. The shape of it seemed to be made more for those male shapes that tend towards the "triangle" style. I ended up looking like I had a bit of an upper-body-fat issue going on. In the end I paired the jeans with this shirt and it fits over them perfectly.

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