The consequence of testing

At the moment I'm testing two builds. One's a long-term project that I've been dabbling with that's at a point where I've stopped dabbling for a while so Miss Vila can play with it and we can shake out any possible issues with it. The other is a vehicle I'm putting together (which should be a new Z&A release in a week or so).

Yesterday Miss Vila was helping to test the vehicle. The general idea is this: if she can drive it (she's the first to admit that she's not the best driver of SL vehicles) then I've got it right. Meanwhile, one of the features of the long-term project is something that means I can be "banned" (by her) from PG regions (the result being that if I wander into one I end up at a location of her choice -- in this case my cell).

So, there we are, her driving the new vehicle and me in the passenger seat. I'd picked a mainland area that was pretty much all moderate regions. And then....

Yes, she managed to find a PG region. Of course, I was told it was my fault for not keeping an eye out (I should mention that, at that point, I was denied map access thanks to Sub-Focus and her being near me, which made it impossible to actually keep an eye out) and, because of that, I'll have to stay in the cell until the timer runs out (thankfully just under an hour).

How's that for a consequence of testing? More to the point, how's that for a consequence of testing when everything is working correctly?

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