Some changes

Miss Vila and I started to explore the BDSM/Femdom world of Second Life, together, in early 2010. As most who know me personally know, we explored and experienced this in two fairly different ways. The person behind Miss Vila is also the person behind Zardia. We explored and learnt so much about D/s as Miss Vila and Antony and, likewise, we explored and learnt so much about building in Second Life as Z&A. The two have, of course, over the last two years, fed back into each other. As our BDSM tastes and interests (as Miss and I) grew and evolved it drove or tastes for what to build (as Zardia and I). Likewise, building and evolving Z&A fed back into what Miss and I explored.

Unfortunately, however, the time available for those different roles has decreased over the past few months. So, by mutual agreement, Miss Vila is releasing me. I won't go into any more details about the how and why because, obviously, it's a very private matter, but I wanted to mention it here for a few reasons. First, and foremost, anyone who pays attention to profiles will see some changes in mine. This blog post will go some way to explain those changes. Also, while we're not sure exactly what we'll be doing yet, we imagine there will be some changes with Raven Park and Shackles. Z&A Productions stays as is, we're not going anywhere and we've got big plans for our second birthday. However, we'll likely change the form and function of Raven Park and Shackles will probably have a bit of an update too (I'll write more about that when we decide).

With all that aside, I also wanted to write a heartfelt thank you to Miss Vila. While we have, obviously, had our ups and downs over the past couple of years, it's been a very real honour to share that journey with her. The person behind the avatar has been and remains my most trusted friend, the one person I've been confident enough to share this part of me with.

With Miss Vila's guidance, I've learnt so much, gained so much confidence, and have found a name and a place for that part of me which, these days, I still express and explore as Antony. Saying thank you doesn't even come close to expressing the gratitude I feel for that. I will miss her company. I will miss her protection. I will miss causing her to sigh, roll her eyes, and quietly grin when I'm not looking. ;)

Thank you Miss Vila. Thank you.

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