Some more changes

Following on from yesterday's blog post, we've made the first of a handful of changes we're intending to make surrounding Shackles, Raven Park and Z&A Productions. We've retired the name of "Shackles Femdom" and have transferred ownership of the old Shackles Femdom plot from the "Shackled" group to "Z&A Productions". What was Shackles Femdom is now called Raven Park and, from now on, it is offered as a Femdom-themed BDSM hangout and playground that is provided by Z&A Productions.

I won't go into too many details here given that much of it is explained over on the Z&A blog. Simply put though: this change makes the rest of our part of the sim a better fit with Z&A.

More changes are to come over the next few days and weeks but these will mostly revolve around our private residences. When these changes are made they'll be announced via the Friends of Z&A group and I'll also mention them here.

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