Some more home tweaks

Following on from yesterday, I've started to sort some furniture for the balcony. I did some window shopping, trying to find something that'd work but nothing was grabbing me. In the end I've gone with a retexture of a freebie grungy sofa from a great little shop called 19 Motorcycle (I should write a little more about them at some point 'cos Zardia and I got some great overalls from there -- perfect for the workshop). On top of that I've rezzed out a couple of really nice 1-prim mesh plants from Simply Xed (another shop you should probably go and check out -- they're small now but they have some really nice mesh items that are amazingly low prim).

I've also decided that there's little chance I'll be making much use of the bottom floor of the house (the last time I used this as a house I put a dungeon in there but we've got plenty of them on Raven Park already -- not to mention the fact that there's that special door round the side of my place) so I've done some knocking about and have opened it up on all sides. The house now stands on big brick legs. I just need to think of something to live in the space underneath now.

It's all starting to fall into place now.

I think the garden will need a little more attention, and I need to think of a use for the rather large attic. All part of the fun of setting out a new home -- lots of building and tinkering.

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