Parcel Settings Checker

This is something I wrote earlier this year, and which I wish I'd thought to write a lot sooner. On Raven Park there's a handful of plots that are for rent and, as part of those rentals, there's a few rules to keep things safe and clean. Two big ones are that you don't have public build turned on, and that you also don't have ban lines (security tools are fine -- but no ban lines please, they're ugly!). So, of course, every so often, I had to fly around the region and check settings.

Which was a silly thing to do when I could have a script do the job for me! It was quick and easy to write and I thought I should finally publish it here in case it was useful to someone:

Of course, what you should do is change the value of EMAIL_REPORT_TO so that it points to an email address you want the report sent to (or leave it empty if you'd prefer it to be sent via IM). If you want to check other settings on a plot you can modify the code of ReportOnParcelAt. As it's written it does a check every six hours. If you want to change that just modify the value passed to llSetTimerEvent.

Hope it's helpful to someone else.

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