Yesterday afternoon VT's beach dance set was the scene for a BBQ party, with Purple as the DJ. Mistress and I dressed for eating out on the beach, with Mistress going a little smarter than I did (which isn't unusual).

This was also a significant dance for us. While, by the calendar, the date is a couple of days later, the dance itself is the same-timed one as the one last year where I dared to ask Mistress if she'd care to join me for an 80s-style dance (and she said yes). This year we did that dance from the same physical RL room. :)

As usual, I let my camera roam around the dance and I took photos of those there with us. You can find them all in an album over on imgur.

Sadly, that's the last of Purp's dances until (I think) September. I'll miss them.

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