VT pink dance

Purple was doing the DJ thing at VT yesterday and, this time, the theme was "Pink". That simple really: wear pink. Which isn't something I generally do. Sure, I have the odd thing (as either Antony or Toni) that has a pink edge and the like, but nothing actually pink!

So it was over to Mistress to suggest what I should wear and she had a brilliant idea: I should buy the RealRestraint latex catsuit, which comes in all the colours (so I'd have good old black, and pink for the evening too). Mistress of course made it clear I should buy the sheer version.

With the addition of a pink harness and pink shoes, I was all good to go.

As is normal at such dances, I let my camera roam and photographed those around us. You can find those photos in an album over on imgur.

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