VT out of this world party

Yesterday afternoon, with the help of Purple as the DJ, we visited VT's alien world one last time with a "Out of this world" party. The choice of outfit for Mistress was pretty easy: time for her to create and updated (and I think even hotter) version of her Seven of Nine costume. For me, it was a tricky one as there were at least 2 strong options to go with (one an Antony one, one a Toni one). In the end Mistress voted I go with the Antony one, and so, once again, I excitedly got my Cap'n Mal on.

While watching the light dance and move across Mistress' latex catsuit was mesmerising, I did somehow manage to let my camera wander around the planet's surface and image the other lifeforms there. You can find the album of those photos over on imgur.

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