VT April Fool dance

Yesterday was a fairly busy time in-world for me; not only did I finally finish off a project that had started six months earlier (well, actually, more than six months earlier, but the results became visible six months earlier), I also then did a quick build I felt needed doing so I could make something fun available to people this weekend.

After getting all that done I noticed there was a "wear something silly, it's an April Fool dance" thing going on over at VT. Normally I'd just carry on pottering away in the workshop -- it's rare I go out to events at the best of times, let alone mid-week -- but I'd seen a thing on the marketplace the other day and this was the perfect time to wear it.

That and, actually, sitting back in the chair and listening to some good tunes did hold some appeal. So this was me for an hour or so:

Although I wasn't there for the whole thing, having turned up rather late, I did do my usual thing of grabbing a bunch of photos. You can find them over on imgur.

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