Boiled latex bunny

The first of yesterday's dances over at The Velvet Thorn was bunny-themed and Miss Eve was going to be the DJ. Given that I was progressing okay on the couple of small projects I've got going at the moment I thought I'd make a point of going.

The choice of outfit was fairly easy. I decided I'd do a sort of latex bondage bunny thing by taking the Z&A Bunny Hood and swapping out the textures for black latex, throwing on a latex catsuit and adding a pair of MD mittens to the mix. However, something was missing. I felt it needed something extra, something a little more silly.

And then, while making dinner, it came to me. When I got back to my desk I did a quick little build and...

That, of course, wasn't the only photo I took. You can see all the photos from the dance over on my imgur.

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