VT Medieval dance

This week I've done a couple of builds that finish off a process that I started summer last year. Simply put: I've built the last two cells that will replace old-style Z&A cells in the shop (they go on sale next week). So, at the moment, I'm actually "between projects". I've got a couple of ideas of what to work on next, and doubtless there's a couple or so more new cell designs in me yet. There's also the small matter of a fair to work towards this June.

So, yesterday afternoon, while contemplating a couple of things in the workshop, I saw the announcement that VT's dance yesterday was Medieval-themed and, of course, Miss Eve was DJing. Have fun shopping for an outfit and make a point of going out and being social, or stick in the workshop and tinker with things? I even surprised myself by selecting the former!

And select it I did:

As normally happens, while there, I got a little snap-happy. There's an album of all the shots I took over on imgur.

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