This script is being filed under "why the heck didn't I think of this before?" as well as "surely someone else has done this, I wonder why I've never seen it before?"

A little earlier today I found myself needing to quickly test a handful of different RLV commands. Now, as I have done over the past 5 years, I could have made a script, ran it, changed it, ran it again, changed it some more, run it again, etc... Really though, that gets rather tedious. And then it hit me! What I really need is a RLV REPL.

What I came up with isn't a REPL in the strictest sense but it more or less does the job. Rez a cube, throw the script inside and then touch it to turn it on (it'll be obvious when it's on and off). In the on state it listens to all local chat by the object owner and, if the text starts with an @, it repeats it via llOwnerSay. Instant quick and dirty RLV command line/REPL thing!

This should save me a bit of faffing about the next time I want to test something.

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