On the one hand it's just another day on the grid. Nothing that special. Not an actual anniversary or anything like that. Not a rezday. On the other hand though there's something kind of special about those big round numbers.

Those 2,000 days have been eventful, that's for sure. While I often seem people in various groups (especially D/s groups) complain that they're "bored" in-world this is something I've never really had a problem with. In those 2,000 days I've gone from a nervous and curious observer of the SL D/s world to someone who's fully embraced it, learnt to have fun with and make things using RLV and has generally become someone comfortable with getting to know that side of myself.

There's been ups and downs, of course. When I hit 1,000 days I happened to be uncollard, something which happened again just in time for day2k. Overall though I've really enjoyed the time I spend as Antony.

And, hopefully, I will do for some time to come.

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