Back to my old self

Almost three weeks on from being turned into her pony boy and I'm back to my old self again. Of course, it wasn't straightforward. I got taken over to The Forum and set a task. I had to do a barrel race and complete it in under a time Miss decided. Failure to do so meant that I'd be left in the pony gear. Now, while I actually rather enjoy being in the pony gear, it was pointed out to me that she'd be extra annoyed if I failed because a) we've got stuff to be doing and having me as a pony is a bit of an impediment and b) she'd sooner dance with her boy while he's wearing something smart.

It took a while, possibly the best part of an hour, but I eventually managed to get under the time. Afterwards I had all the pony gear removed and even got to have a quick bath.

As of now I'm permitted to wear whatever I choose, although I am locked back in my usual cuffs. And, of course, I'm now controlled full time by the Sub-Allowance.

I can't help but wonder how long this degree of freedom will last. Based on how life has been since I was collared again I'm guessing not very long...

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