Spending some time outdoors

After spending quite a while taking it slow thanks to Miss Vila's latex sack, I was eventually released in time to get everything ready for the Z&A Productions birthday party. Since then I've been free of most restrictions (aside from an ongoing test of a build that I'll eventually release, if Miss ever actually unlocks it).

Until today.

Today I was dragged out to the pony area on Raven Park and ordered to strip. At which point I was presented with my pony gear, which I've not seen in almost three years. So, as of now, this is me:

I'm gagged by the head harness, of course (although permitted IMs -- it's kind of hard to run a business without IMs), and locked in the boots and mittens. Thankfully the restrictions are pretty light, but that's offset by the fact that I have to go everywhere near-naked, walking in a pony walk, and have to communicate using a pony HUD.

Oh, and I'm currently banished from the house (which, I've not mentioned yet, has moved -- that might make up a blog post soon). While I am allowed anywhere on the region and am allowed to work in the Z&A workshop I have to log out of, and back into, the stable:

This is to be my "home" until.... well, that's the thing, I don't know until when. The last time Miss turned me into her ponyboy it lasted a couple of weeks. These days her restrictions seem to last a little longer so I'm making no guesses.

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