Taking it slowly

As mentioned a couple of days ago, the issue with making a mistake with some recent scripting work hasn't gone without incident. Today Miss Vila had words with me about this, and a couple of other things, and she decided that I really needed to slow down and better concentrate on the job at hand. There's little doubt that, now and again, I can get carried away and miss some important detail. While it's true that the details always get picked up in later testing she was of the opinion that it would be better if such issues never arose in the first place.

So she decided that I needed a lesson in slowing down and paying close attention to what's in front of me. I wasn't sure how this was going to happen, until a latex sack was laid out and I was told to climb inside. And so, until Miss sees fit to release me, this is how I'm to go about my business:

Movement, while possible, is very slow. Compared to this my recent periods of being hobbled seem like nothing. Hobbled movement is speedy in comparison. Thanks to the sack I'm also denied teleporting and sitting on items more than a meter or so from me.

To top it off Miss put me back in the SLiCK hood. This has been locked on with a gag applied.

I think this is a lesson I'm going to learn well.

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