Embrace the pain

Earlier today, in the group chat of a certain popular in-world builders group, the subject turned to how terrible Second Life is and how Linden Lab are just out to take all our money, make life as painful as possible, and how we all just bend over and take it. Etc... You know the sort of thing. The sort of thing where all the other grids are greener and anyone who points out any flaws in that argument is an apologist for the Lab.

One thing that came up was the cost of uploading content.

Which got me thinking... the latest Firestorm lets you change the UI sounds. So doesn't it make sense that we make those upload costs as painful as possible?

Here's my suggestion to those who want to embrace the pain. First, in Avatar >> Preferences, go to the "Sound & Media" tab, then go to the "General" sub-tab. At the bottom, change the "L$ change threshold" to a nice low figure -- one below L$10, obviously.

Now, having done that, head to the "UI Sounds 1" tab and find the "Money balance decrease" item:

In here, place the UUID of a slapping or spanking sound. For bonus points add a recording to the end of that sound of you going "Thank you Lindens, please may I have another?"

Hit "OK" and you're all done. Now, every time you upload content to the Second Life servers and are forced to pay for it you can feel really good about the pain.

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