A night in the cell

As I've mentioned before, Miss Vila has a cell set up in the house that is my "home" location for anything that involves being force-teleported home. The best example of this is the arrest plugin that I have in my RR cuffs (that are locked on 24/7). If I'm in-world too late I get sent to the cell, it locks, and a random timer is applied. It's also now the landing point for a background project I'm working on.

And then, sometimes, I get put in there anyway.

Miss Vila and I are working on a new venture that is associated with Z&A Productions (all will be revealed on the Z&A blog later this month) and it, naturally, involves me doing some scripting. I thought I had it all done and, last night, we were starting to make the final builds and I noticed a glaring error.

And, as usual, I started (metaphorically) kicking myself. I hate it when I miss something as obvious as the thing I did. Now, of course, we discovered it because we were carefully and methodically testing things. That's what we do (as Z&A and, obviously, as V&a too). The test worked, it uncovered something it was designed to uncover. But I was still annoyed with myself that I'd let the problem slip through.

And I felt bad about holding things up as I go back and rework the script.

So, to make me feel better, Miss did what Miss loves to do: she sent me off to the cell for the night.

That made me feel a little better. She has made noises that this won't be the end of it, and has suggested that, perhaps, I should have paid a little more attention. So now I'll make the changes that need making and do so while wondering what might be coming once finished.

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