I begged...

After yesterday's "holiday", and especially after spending the whole evening locked on the mat with nothing to do (although the visit from Miss Eve of Evelock was most welcome, even if she did spend a good chunk of it laughing and snapping pictures with her camera), I found myself begging Miss Vila to be let off today. I've "suffered" many forms of bondage and punishment at Miss Vila's hands over the past three years, some enjoyable, some plain fun, some difficult; but this was almost unbearable. While I'm sure that, for some, being locked on public display with nothing else to do is a dream come true, it really is about as terrible as it can get for me. I love scripting and building, and I like being slightly reclusive. This played with both those things.

Lesson completely learnt. I can assure you.

So, yes, after much begging by me Miss has given me back build rights and has let me off the mat, free to roam again.

Well, almost. She wasn't going to let me off that easily. I had to swap one form of bondage and restriction for another. And so she had a look through my #RLV folder, looking at the various restraints, and pulled out two favourites of hers that haven't been used in a long time. And then she added a sprinkle of restrictions via my collar.

As of now, I'm locked on the hover bike you see (one of Miss' firm favourites and one she's not used since 2010). This denies me the ability to walk. I have to fly or I can't move. This alone makes life fairly tricky given that it's harder to have fine control over your movement when you're flying. On top of this I'm locked in the gas mask you see. This renames me (anything I say in local is now attributed to "Vila's" rather than directly to my name) and also garbles my speech. On top of this I've been denied any forms of teleport (so, for now, I'm confined to our region), any ability to change outfits and any ability to sit on an object unless I'm very close to it (not an easy task given I have to be flying to get there).

Oh, and then there's one more thing. The mask makes a very obvious breathing sound. It's there, loud, constant, always with me. So while I've been giving the right to work on builds and scripts again I'll always have this distraction.

Now I think about it all I'm starting to wonder if she's not totally convinced when I say I learnt the lesson...

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