A holiday, of sorts

Unsurprisingly I've been on a bit of a high since Friday. The following day Miss Vila moved into my (former) home, making it hers, knocking things about quite a bit and replacing a fair bit of the furniture. We'd also built a set of custom-made mesh stairs and made some changes to the floors of the Woolman Tower so that it was possible to walk up and down all the floors without the need to use TP pads or the like (always necessary if you need to lead someone around on a leash, for example).

Today, however, things took a different turn. It seems that Miss Vila was less than happy with some jokes and remarks I've made over the months and, petty much, she felt it was now time for her to fully assert her authority over me. While she did, when she returned, make life awkward for me now and again, I was generally left in a state where I could mostly get on with things I needed to get on with (albeit in ways where I had to be a little more creative). This time, however, it seems she had something much worse in mind.

Of course, she didn't quite put it in those terms. Miss Vila announced that it was time I had some time off from all the scripting and building I've been doing recently (anyone who read the second half of Z&A's review of the year will know I've been busy on something). She also mentioned that she was worried that I might have been lonely of late (she was unable to get in-world for three weeks for technical reasons). And, so, she decided that it was time I had a little holiday and the chance of some company.

Simply put, as of now, I'm denied any rights to build, edit things, script things or, indeed, go anywhere. As of now, this is where I'm stuck:

Anyone who's been to the Z&A main store in the last nine or so months will know that this tends to be Zanda's spot (Zanda, for those who don't know, is the Z&A shop bot). He's been shifted over to the next set of stairs. As of now, until Miss Vila decides that I've learnt my lesson (yes, there is a lesson), this is how my time in-world will be spent.

This is actually rather hard for me. Not only does it mean that my primary in-world activity (when Miss Vila isn't there) is denied, it also means that I'm forced to do something that's the opposite of what I'm most comfortable with: I can't be a recluse and hide out in the Z&A workshop. If I want to be in-world, I have to be in a very public place. Anyone who knows me well will know how hard that will be.

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