Free of the gas mask

Ten days after being locked in it I'm finally free of the gas mask.

I did forget to mention here that, earlier this week, Miss Vila was kind enough to undo the ankle cuff hobble that she's put on me and let me walk around as normal -- albeit still locked in the mask. So for the past few days I've been wandering around almost as free as I have been for quite some time (leaving aside a couple of weeks before the collaring where I was free of everything for practical reasons that involved RL). It's been rather strange, being able to walk and fly around as I wish. (there's a twist there too though, but that'll be blogged about in a few weeks -- I'm testing a new product I'm working on).

So, today, I was rather happy when Miss said that it was time for me to be out of the mask, to enjoy being free of such anonymous isolation, to be able to fully experience the world around me. And it was. It was lovely. I had a lovely time with her.

Half an hour of which was spent enjoying the freedom she mentioned.

Because, about half an hour after being released from the mask, a brand new hood was handed to me, along with a pair of mittens. I've been left like this:

Thankfully the restrictions I've been left with aren't too terrible but, looking at the hood's manual, I can see that life could get very interesting if I'm not careful. The same goes for the mittens.

Miss said I needed to change my outfit to something that'd be "more colourful" so I ended up going with a Graves catsuit I've owned for a while. Miss Vila being Miss Vila she then coloured the hood and mittens to match, of course.

And then she put the ankle cuff hobble back on. Finally, as part of testing the new product I'm working on (which can result in being teleported to a set location), she placed out a Z&A SciFi cell as the place I'll get dropped if the forced teleport needs to happen:

It's set with trap mode on and a timer so that if I do end up there I'm stuck until the timer runs out.

I'm starting to get the impression that Miss Vila has a taste for keeping me covered up and moving slowly...

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