VT 80s dance

It's just shy of 2 years since I was bold enough to ask Anna if she'd be interested in popping over to VT and having a little dance with me. Much has changed since then. In that time we've gone from one nervous dance together, through forming a relationship in SL and RL, through to me moving country and us setting up home together. So it was rather nice to see that, yesterday afternoon, Miss Eve was DJing another 80s dance at VT.

Mistress massively updated her original outfit; I bought a new pair of trousers (and also donned my male mesh body -- a bit of an upgrade too; the hair remained of course!), and off we went to enjoy the best decade there is for music.

As we danced, I let my camera roam the dance hall and grab photos of those around us. You can find all of those images over on Google Photos.

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