VT space ball

Yesterday afternoon VT kicked off a new week of themed dances with a brand new SciFi set built by Miss Eve. The first dance also had Miss Eve as the DJ and the theme was... well, space SciFi things. This was a problem for me. So many choices. SO MANY CHOICES!

One problem I did have was the fact that my absolute favourite outfit -- a Malcom Reynolds costume -- was looking very dated. All system layers and flexi prims. With nothing on the SL Marketplace to replace it there was no way I could go with my favourite character.

Until, that is, Mistress stepped in. She grabbed a full-perm mesh outfit and opened up her image editing software and, a couple of hours later, I was sorted! (I'm seriously amazed at what she managed to make in such a small space of time -- I'm going to nag her to add it to her shop; it's a great role play outfit, just like her convict dresses).

So, off to dancing we went, as Mal and Inara...

While dancing I did spend some time flying my camera around the room, taking photos of those around us. You can see the results over on Google Photos.

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