Well shit!

So, earlier this evening, Mistress and I attended a dance at VT. As usual the set was built by Miss Eve and, as usual, it was a vision of perfection. Every prim in its proper place. Every bit of mesh carefully chosen. Every texture and material layer carefully considered. No changes needed. No additions requires.

Mistress, against my advice, decided that it needed a little... something.

Fast forward an hour and, just after the dance, we're out shopping when it becomes very clear that Miss Eve had noticed Mistress' "enhancement". The order that came though was very clear: we had to both get home and get into our cells (as I've mentioned on this blog before, we built custom ones for our house and we have one each).

Mistress sent me home to mine right away (thanks to the wonders of the Z&A Sub HUD) but she.... was slow to get to hers. So, trying to follow Miss Eve's orders, I sent Mistress a force TP to to my cell.

Sadly that didn't go down so well with Miss Eve either. And because the cell is a Z&A cell it does the right thing and stops you from TPing someone out of it. So now I couldn't send Mistress to hers, she couldn't open the door (obviously -- we were both inside it). We were....stuck and unable to follow Miss Eve's very clear order.

Thankfully, again down to the brilliant design of Z&A cells, Miss Eve is on the whitelist and can always operate our cells (in case we both get stuck in them). So we had to ask her to come over and rescue us.

Which she did.

Miss Eve was then kind enough to open the doors, drag Mistress out and into her own cell, then close the doors and lock them both; leaving us with strict instructions to write two blog posts each. This being the first of them, this one being the one to describe the "clusterfuck" (as Miss Eve so delightfully put it) that was us trying to follow a simple order.

The second is to come...

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