The perils of daring each other

Following on from the previous post...

Miss Eve requested that Mistress and I both write a blog post on the "perils of daring each other". Firstly I'd like to point out that, rather than dare her, I warned her against doing it -- I did mention there could be dire consequences (or something like that; I'm sure I said it wasn't the best idea; she even admits in her own blog that I didn't dare her) -- and I did even capture photographic evidence of her misbehaviour...

But still, we do have this little habit of daring each other to do things; especially when it comes to amusing Miss Eve; because who doesn't love putting a smile on the face of Miss Eve? And I'm fairly sure we always put a smile on Miss Eve's face.

But there are perils involved, of course. With amusement comes a requirement to not be seen to be encouraging bad or bratty behaviour -- especially when you're in a position like Miss Eve is.

Sadly, we don't seem to remember that when we're both sat in the living room, sniggering over our keyboards, giggling about how funny it all is and how amused Miss Eve will be.

And so the perils of daring each other -- on the rare occasion that we do -- are that we'll end up being punished by Miss Eve. Which means, in this case, not being allowed to finish off 50 Linden Friday, or hit some other event before bedtime, or possibly even skip around L$60 tomorrow morning -- at least for the first hour or however long the timers are on our cells (if Miss Eve even left the timers running).

I'm sure we've learnt our lesson. There's no way we'd trade liberty for a chance to amuse Miss Eve ever again.

And we both *hate* being locked in a cell!

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