A common problem

I'm actually not 100% sure how it started, I'm not actually 100% sure what it was that made me make the wisecrack. All I know is, at some point yesterday afternoon, while talking with Miss Anna, I joked about how I needed to take lessons in "being common" from her. She exclaimed mock shock at the joke, we laughed, the conversation moved on.

Until later in the evening when Mistress leashed me to a leash post in the house and told me that she was delivering a new outfit to me and that I must change into it and that, once I was done, we were going out for drinks in the Mansion.

I think, from now on, I'm going to be very careful what I say to her.

But that wasn't enough, it seems. Oh no. Apparently Mistress wanted to see how well the Z&A RLV dance poles worked...

By this point Mistress had also invited Miss Eve over for a drink and a chat -- as if things weren't embarrassing enough. It was then suggested that I should use my video recording setup to make a video. The problem is, while I have RLV-locked HUDs, I can't clean the HUDs and UI to take a video. I made this clear and was happy to see that Mistress said it was okay.

Until, that is, she pointed out she could make animated gifs, which I was told I had to post here too. :(

Apparently my protests didn't go down so well and I ended up wearing a Z&A umbrella gag too.

I think Mistress might have found my one real weakness. Wearing something so obviously not my usual black was... pretty horrific, if I'm honest. Lesson learnt.

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