VT 80s dance

What started in the 60s, back on Friday, ended yesterday firmly in the 80s as the VT music festival ground was filled with some of the best music to ever exist, thanks to Purple. After a lot of wondering what to wear I realised that there was only one way to go: this time I just had to channel Andrew Eldritch.

Curiously, and I know this might come as a shock to anyone who knows me, as with last Friday, I pretty much had everything I needed for the outfit in my inventory!

I was worried that, perhaps, going for the leather-clad goth look was a bit of a cheat; few think of all that black when they think of the 80s. As it turns out, Anna (who really needs to blog more!) came to the rescue and added a bit of colour to the corner of the field I'd staked out.

As usual, I took a selection of photos of the event, which can be found over in an album on imgur. I'm afraid there's no video this time around though, I was far too busy trying to get my shades dark enough to cope with someone's leggings...

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