VT floral dance

Starting yesterday the dance venue for The Velvet Thorn is a garden party (built, as always, by Miss Eve). Given I had the evening free and given that Miss Eve was DJing the first dance it seemed like it'd be fun to join in. The theme was "floral", the idea being to wear something floral.

Thing is, I don't really do floral -- there's nothing in my inventory that really comes close. I did entertain the idea of cosplaying Wash from Firefly but even his loud shirts aren't exactly floral. Besides, that didn't seem to be in the spirit of the "dress code".

And then it hit me: a suit I'd purchased recently has a handkerchief in the pocket that is texture change -- floral being one of the designs. Thing is, as is normal with my purchases, the suit was black and there's something about a black suit that doesn't say "garden party". So, one purchase of an extra colour later...

Sadly I don't really have any shoes that go well with this suit. The shoes I do have poke out the back of the trouser leg a bit, which is fine when it's black shoes with black trousers. That's when I decided that this might actually make sense barefoot. So I did that and I think it worked. While I have no photos of me at the dance barefoot you can see how it looked in this post-party comedown time photo back in the Z&A workshop:

As always, while at the dance, I took a whole load of photos which can be found in an imgur album. I also continued my experiments with making little videos (you might need to click through one or more because of restrictions due to the music playing at the dance):

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