VT couture dance

Yesterday evening VT kicked off a new week of dances with a couture-themed dance. The idea was to come along in something amazing and outrageous, with the dance set in an art gallery built by Miss Eve.

Now, the group notice did say that the male subs could do the tux thing, which seemed fair enough. But I couldn't help but think that just doing a tux was kind of cheating, and missing out on some of the fun. So, with a little bit of encouragement and fashion advice from Miss Eve (who at the time was, herself, working through lots of different outfits, on the way to her final form), I went with this:

Of course, I didn't just spend the night photographing myself, I took an album of photos of everyone around me too.

Also, as I've being doing recently, I took a few videos too:


  1. I love your hat! you looked wonderful

    1. Thanks. :)

      The hat was the hard part, so many great choices on the MP!