A nice surprise

I'm a couple of days late posting this because bits and bobs in-world have sort of got in the way.

Back on the 2nd Miss Eve celebrated Evelock's second anniversary of her first in-world presence for Evelock. Sadly the party was far too early in the morning (her time) for Miss Vila to stand a chance of attending. That meant that I'd have to go alone.

I'm really not one for going to dances and parties on my own (unless I can get a fun build into the mix), I much prefer to go in Miss Vila's company, but there's no way I could miss this one.

So off I went. Missing Miss Vila while there.

Thankfully though the party ran on a little longer than was planned, and Miss happened to be around a little earlier than she'd planned, so for the last few songs I got to dance with her. :)

That made my night.

Happy birthday Evelock. I hope there's more years of builds to come.

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