In a hole

The last couple or so weeks have been fairly busy for me in SL, and busy for Miss Vila in RL. As such, I've had what might be described as an easy time. While we have spent time together it's been fairly fleeting. That didn't, however, appear to stop be from getting into trouble.

Earlier this week I was showing her a gag that I'd made quite a long time ago and was thinking of tweaking and finally putting on sale (I've being ensuring all of the Z&A gags are available via the affiliate programme and I was reminded of this one that wasn't for sale). While showing it of I was trying to talk through it and, thanks to the "gaglish" text changing that's built into it, it appeared that I called her a "whiny bitch".

That didn't go down so well.

Neither did the near-constant arguing from me that she'd misheard.

Anyway, fast forward to today and I find myself naked and locked in the ground cage that can be found in the walled garden here on Raven Park. The one that's filled with water...

which doesn't allow much of a view of the surroundings (although, I must say, what little I could see was very attractive):

Once I was securely locked -- minus any IMs (incoming or outgoing), maps or even the ability to see avatar names -- Miss settled down to have a good long chat with me about my attitude of late.

I won't go into details but she made the point that many of the things I do, even things I do for her, are often motivated by what I think would be good or would benefit me. Often I'll ask or answer a question in a way that's about my interests. She's right, of course, and I apologised for making that sort of mistake over and over again.

At that point I thought to actually ask her what she wanted, what her wishes were (rather than me trying to interpret them through the filter of my view of them) and... bam! I ran out of chat allowance in the Z&A Sub-Allowance. That was seriously frustrating as I'd finally understood what she was trying to tell me and I could no longer let her know.

Miss just smiled, rolled over, watched the clouds and made the devastating point that if I'd bothered to ask that question in the first place I wouldn't have used the allowance up on myself.

Now that I was, in effect, gagged, she made her point without me being able to say a word or react in any way. She told me that she wasn't going to give me any more talking allowance today and that I'd do well to spend more time in the hole and think about what she'd said.

With that she set a timer on the cage (to 2 hours -- I'd already been in there 1) and went and sat on the bench for a little bit:

before heading off home and leaving me alone with my thoughts.

As of now I'm free of the cage and dressed again.

From now on I'm determined to make better use of my talk allowance when in my Mistress' presence.

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