Slow login, sort of

For a long time now I've generally been used to logging into SL in a morning and going about my business. Normally this involves a quick fly around the region to check that everything's okay, along with object list checks on the plots I own to be sure that nobody's lost anything and it needs returning. I'll then do a flying tour of most of the public toys and play spaces and tidy up anything that needs tidying (people seem to hate putting pose balls away).

This, of course, has got a little more tricky recently, what with the time in the bane suit and now the time (still ongoing) in the leather hood and catsuit.

Now it's got even more tricky. Miss Vila decided, the other day, that she was going to reinstall the cell that she used to call (and now still calls) my cell. So, there it is, in the living room, waiting for me. She also ordered me to add an arrest plugin to my RR cuffs and she's now set a curfew time for me. There are now times, that relate to my RL hours, where I have to be close to this cell or I get force teleported into it. This means I have to be logged out at a sensible hour or I'll be stuck for some time the following morning.


...as happened last night, she can decide to order me inside it before I log off. This means not only am I slowed down when I log in thanks to the restrictions of the cuffs and hood (especially the slow walking and the no-fly), I'm also locked in the cell for an hour before I'm allowed to even go anywhere.

Still, it gives me more time to contemplate the fact that Miss Vila is back.

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