It's how you word it...

So, yesterday evening, I spent some time with Miss Vila and, in doing so, asked her if she'd be willing to let me out of the straps and helmet she's had me locked in since last Friday. There's some work I need to do over the next few days that'd be made almost impossible by the restrictions that that set of restraints put in place and, on top of that, well... let's just say that the lesson was learnt (yes, that outfit was locked on for a very specific set of reasons).

She agreed to remove the straps, suit and helmet!

Of course, this being Miss Vila, she stuck to the letter of my request rather than the spirit. So, as of now, this is me:

I'm back in my normal cuffs, which are locked with my hands cuffed behind my back and my legs tightly cuffed together. The leg cuffing means that I can only shuffle around (and sittp is denied again so I can only TP to landmarks I have or I have to shuffle there). On top of that I'm locked in the Z&A Leather Hood and Catsuit. The hood's set on a fairly loose gag, but still enough to garble public chat.

Oh, and she's made a small change to the settings in my Sub-Focus. From now on all outgoing IMs are denied when she's in range. It's not that I'll never be permitted to send IMs when she's near, it's just that I must now ask permission first.

Next time I'll have to be a little more careful how I word my request.

Still, at least I have fartouch back. This means I can actually edit and build again.

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