Random Search

Second Life search is fun. By "fun" I mean interesting values of "fun", of course.

Earlier this morning I needed to search for Whiz Wonder (the CEO of The Whizical Hunts) because I had a couple of questions about The Naughty Bunny Hunt (I was doing the final work on being ready for it starting). Problem was, she wasn't showing in search. That seemed odd given the position and purpose of that avatar. So I find them by other means and point this out.

Quickly we realise that quite a few avatars, and locations, that should be in search aren't. I quickly noticed I wasn't!

That's annoying. I'm very open about being in search. I make and sell things so I need people to be able to find me. One thing I pride myself on is being available for questions and help and not being listed in search sort of messes that up.

Fast forward an hour or so and...

Okay.... Oh well, I guess this random nature is all part of the new search system's charm, right?

PS: I'm going to have to check out Twink's Art Gallery (look at the classifieds in the above images). No idea who they are but if they show up for a search for me I'm sure that's an omen. ;-)

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