You can read the full announcement for this over on the Z&A blog.

Well that's been a fun week. I'd planned on having a fairly quiet week, making final tweaks to builds for two hunts we're taking part in next week, and perhaps pushing a couple of new products out (oh, yeah, and having a proper look at this direct delivery lark). But it didn't quite turn out that way.

I found out that our neighbour, who had the other half of the sim we live on, was moving on. So, there we were, faced with the other 1/2 of our sim coming up for rent again. Zardia and I had a good long chat about he pros and cons and what we'd do or not do and, long story short, we cracked and grabbed it.

So, what looked like this just the other day:

now looks like this:

And, as you can see over on the Z&A blog, we're renting plots out on the other half.

It's been quite the adventure, putting it all together the last three or so days. While I have taken charge of letting plots on the sim before, I was essentially doing it on behalf of someone else. This time it's all our doing, all our design. That feels very different.

Hopefully we'll have a great little community grow here over time. We're off to a great start given that Evelock has opened a studio here.

It's a curious evolution for us, and another in a long line of things we've not aimed to do but have simply grown in to.

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