Earlier today I installed the latest version of Phoenix Firestorm (v3.3.0). So far I'm reasonably pleased with it. While I've not had the chance to try every part of it that matters to me, yet, I've been using it rather than Phoenix all day and I've not got anywhere near as frustrated as I have with past versions.

There is one small wrinkle though. If I'm editing some code in the script window and the code is more than one window length in length the code scrolls upwards a couple of pixels for every single keystroke. I think, in all my years as a software developer, this is the first time I've ever felt seasick from coding.

It's possible that this is a problem with the "vintage" skin that I decided to use this time. I did ask in the support group but didn't get a response (it was fairly busy at the time so I'm not surprised). When I get a moment I'll see about using a different skin and seeing if the problem still exists. Either way, when I can, I'll see about filing a JIRA about it.

Seems a shame that I might have to switch back to Phoenix to write a non-trivial body of code when, in all other respects, I'm feeling at home in Firestorm right now.

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