New desk

Since I put my new home out a few days back, I've been meaning to "upgrade" my office with a newer desk and chairs. I've had a rather nice and simple mesh set in my inventory for a while now and have been meaning to sort them out (you can find the set here on the marketplace). The chairs weren't scripted for sits so I had to sort that out. Today, I finally deleted my old desk, dragged a pose and a script into the chairs, and got it all out and working:

The set came with some extras to go on the desk, most of which I removed. I kept the phone (no, I don't know why either, other than it looks good), the books (when I get a moment I'll probably have them link to the LSL documentation when I click on them) and the laptop (for no other reason than what the hell else would I have on my desk?). The laptop had an empty screen though, I couldn't let that stand. Thankfully the screen was a face in its own right so, one quick screen grab, edit and upload to SL later...

In case you're wondering, it's this code that's on the screen.

I might look into tweaking the textures at some point in the future but, as it stands, I'm actually pretty pleased with how it all looks.

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