No more Google+

Back in July this year I was one of the people who got into Google+ pretty early on. I was rather excited by this. Having watched SL avatars turfed out of Facebook (although never having used it myself), and having become frustrated with Plurk, and wanting something more substantial than twitter while more social than this blog, I jumped at the chance.

And then the nymwars started.

I didn't get that involved in the nymwars, didn't really comment on them, not as me (Antony) anyway. Many others have done a far better job of commenting on the issue, and battling with it, than I ever could have. Instead my initial enthusiasm for the platform, as a way to express myself as Antony, outside of Second Life itself, in a social networking environment, waned. I generally used it less and less.

I expected my profile to get flagged pretty early on but, to my surprise, it didn't. I imagine that, to some degree, this was because my name is a pretty "ordinary" name. But, today, I found that I'd been flagged and I was presented with the usual choice. Change the name on the account to comply (presumably change it to my RL name and give proof that that is my RL name) or close the Google+ account.

I closed the Google+ account.

I guess this is giving in, giving up, giving one small victory to the side of the nymwars that detests the idea that some might want to express themselves in different ways. To those who are fighting and continue to fight the nymwars, I apologise. I'm sorry, I wish I could join you, take part, be part of the fight but... this isn't a fight I can take on.

Meanwhile, I'll concentrate on my blog and make occasional use of twitter.

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