New Workshop

The Z&A workshop is an important place for me in Second Life. Unsurprisingly I spend a fair bit of time there and, through its various incarnations, I've had some of my most favourite times in Second Life in it.

The most recent incarnation, which replaced the MkII workshop, was built when Shackles was first created. It's served us well for a year, even surviving being moved across the sim earlier this year, around the time that Z&A expanded.

But it did start to get a little crowded when we got into building cells -- cells are so much bigger than our normal builds and take up so much more floor space. So, when that happened, I created an extra basement as something that was tacked on the bottom. On top of that the roof was getting filled with ad-hoc created photo booths. Oh, and there was the link/unlink accident that I won't detail or Zardia might get annoyed with me. ;-)

So, anyway, yesterday, I cracked and started to throw together some prims and, before I knew it, the MkIV workshop was born. This one has 3.5 floors (three full floors and a mezzanine). The very bottom floor is still the cell building basement and the top floor is now a proper photo studio for shooting our products (one half our "traditional" background and the other half a plain black background that we're now using for some products).

The whole thing looks huge though!

It was fun to build. Normally Miss Vila is the one who throws around the big prims so this made a nice change for me.

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