As the crow flies...

This one crops up every time Z&A are taking part in a hunt, and I was reminded of the problem again this weekend as The Femdom Hunt kicked off... the need to quickly measure the distance between two or more points on a sim (for those who don't know: many hunts, including The Femdom Hunt, have a rule where the hunt object has to be within 30m of the hunt sign or the end of a hunt path).

There's all sorts of tools and tricks (I often use the one of having Zardia stand with the gift, I'll stand at the sign, and we'll check how far apart we are on the Phoenix radar) but I decided to knock up a quick script for my own use next time.

If it's of help to anyone else: Z&A As the Crow Flies.


  1. much easier - just assign the object a unique name and use area search it gives the distance as you move.

  2. That'd work, although there's three issues I can see with that:

    1) You need a viewer with area search

    2) I personally find area search horribly slow to the point that, often, it's unusable

    3) I've seen examples of it being very inaccurate. We had an issue at one location where area search seemed to be reporting values out by at least 20m