Knowing when your region has restarted

Often I'll be in-world when a rolling restart comes around. When this happens I'll generally TP away (usually to Z&A's "head office" -- a little 512 plot we have where we keep backup magic boxen and the like). Once there it's always been a case of either checking the map (not reliable at all), attempting to get landmark information (also not reliable) or attempting to TP home (fails: not back up, works: back up) so as to find out if the home sim is back.

None of them are the smartest solutions. So, a few months back, I realised that the simplest solution was to rez a prim (in this case in the Z&A workshop), throw it on the "gadget self" and have it detect when the sim is back and IM me. The code is simple enough:

As you can see, I've also made it so that a touch tells the last restart detected.

The handy thing about this is that I have offline IMs going to email so if the sim gets a restart when I'm not in-world I'll also get to know about it.

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